Experience the flexibility, scalability, speed and performance world-leading insurers rely on every day.

Global IQX is the leading provider of sales and underwriting employee benefits software.

Known for its sales and underwriting workbench, Global IQX provides configurable components for quoting, rating, proposals, enrollment and renewals for all benefit products of all sizes.

The future-proof platform is the foundation for digital transformation in the insurance industry. Its suite of dynamic AI tools, configurable modules and microservices help insurers worldwide digitize, streamline and automate new business and renewal processes for employee and voluntary benefits.

Faster Underwriting

Clients have written 100x quotes with the same staff and reduced quoting times to seconds

Onboarding and Enrollment

Streamlined processes to pushing sold data into policy admin systems saving data re-entry

Automated Renewals

Clients have reduced renewal turn around times and touch points by 75%

Dynamic Proposal Generator

Clients have experienced a 600% increase in total proposal capacity

AI Census Scrubbing

Clients reduced input time and translation mistakes found during auditing from 25% to less than 1%

Check out our solution summary to discover how you can accelerate your sales cycle and write more business in less time


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