The leading provider of cloud-based and on-premise employee benefits software. Offers a suite of business configurable modules and microservices that digitize, streamline and automate the new business and renewal processes for the true group, experience rating and voluntary products.

Introduction To Global IQX – Employee Benefits Software


Global IQX’s production-proven software platform increases operational efficiency and reduces costs while promoting improved communication and interaction within and across departments. Developed and delivered by a team with deep group insurance domain expertise, our solutions allow business users more control and configurability with less dependence on IT resources.

Sales and Underwriting Workbench

Rule-based modular suite that streamlines the procurement fulfillment and renewal process. Industry leading out-of-box solution from individual to large groups (100,000+ with census data).


Change rules, rates, formulas, validation, hierarchy, reports, illustration templates even instances, just to name a few.

Insurance Exchange

Using the same technology Global IQX also powers multi-carrier (SEMCI) quoting and rating from individuals to groups over 100 employees for all benefits. (Life, ADD, STD, LTD, Health, Medical Dental etc).

Latest News

Global IQX Silver Sponsor at GUAA Conference

The 2019 GUAA Conference is comprised of industry professionals that actively promote the study, analysis, and discussion of all matters relating to the underwriting of group products. It will provide real insight into market developments and dynamics. Group Underwriters Association…

Global IQX API Unleashes Wealth of Data for Employee Benefits Insurers

Open integration and data-exchange technologies extend reach of carriers’ core systems Ottawa, ON – December 11, 2018 – Configurable integration modules using open web-service API (application programming interface) has been published by Global IQX to streamline integration for insurers throughout the…

Global IQX® Components

Quoting & Rating

Global IQX Quoting and Rating automates the quoting and rating process for Group and Employee Benefits Insurance Carriers. Dynamic web pages and SMART functionality guide sales and underwriting departments through the quoting lifecycle; contributing to higher conversion rates and to lower distribution, maintenance, and support costs. Learn More…

Automated Underwriting and Renewal

Global IQX Automated Underwriting and Renewal (AUR) is an exclusive renewal solution that initiates the policy renewal process prior to renewal effective dates based on lead-times. It integrates with existing systems or can be used as part of the IQX Sales + Underwriting Workbench. Learn More…

Proposal and Document Management

Proposal and Document Management (PDM) supports users across the IQX platform with the key documents required for quoting, rating, proposals, enrollment, renewals and reporting. Editable templates ensure quotes and letters are compliant with the look and feel of product and regulatory requirements, as well as your organizations brand.Learn More…


IQX Enrollment provides end-to-end administration of the group application and employee enrollment process for group insurance and optional voluntary benefits, from the quoting life cycle, to enrollment and on-boarding. Learn More…

Individual Medical Underwriting

This innovative application automates underwriting for individuals and group plan members. Powered by the IQX Rating and Rules Engines, medical enrollment forms and questionnaires are completed online and submitted to underwriters for approval or assessment. Learn More…


Measure and analyze sales and service metrics with IQX Reports to develop strategies and improve sales performance. This query tool enables administrators to retrieve Year-to-Date and Rolling-12-Month sales performance reports based on group size, premiums, distribution/sales channel, and underwriting channel. Learn More…

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