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API, Web Services and Microservices and Their Usage in Digital Transformation

Often, insurance services opt to have in-house solutions or go for third-party products to automate some if not all of their processes. These solutions or products take the form of software applications. When choosing or developing software for an insurance company, there are three aspects to keep in mind: API, web services, and microservices. These […]

Eight Top Insurtech Trends for 2019

The insurance industry used to be a tech laggard. No more. Though there’s still much work to be done, most insurers are now better positioned to capitalize on their investment in technology. Here are eight key technology trends that continue to shape the industry. 1. Greater stress on cybersecurity An Ernst & Young security survey […]

Four Ways Connectivity Is Revolutionizing Insurance

Businesses are more connected to consumers than ever before. The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to support more than 20 billion devices by 2020, according to Gartner. This is a market that comprises 60% of consumers worldwide, creating huge opportunities for industries to connect and engage with their customers. Connecting with consumers hasn’t always […]

How to Improve Productivity with Fun!

4 Tips to Drive Corporate Culture It’s about 1:00pm on Friday as I step back into the office to the sound of foosballs. Laughter is coming from the lunch room. Instructions to the latest board game are being explained and friendly competitions are re-ignited. In the quest for success, as in life, it is important to […]

Technologies Insurance Companies Can Use to Boost Engagement

Life, group and voluntary benefits insurance is one of the most competitive verticals in the financial services industry. Strong relationships with customers are crucial to competitive advantage. Engaging customers is a proven way of enhancing relationships. Unfortunately, the insurance industry has one of the lowest rates of customer engagement. Too often, the only contact with […]