Nettoyage du recensement et analyse prédictive alimentés par l'IA

Global IQX is continuously investing in changes to the platform based on the latest research, implementing new artificial intelligence and technology to best serve insurers with new capabilities and automation. 

The Global IQX Platform uses AI-powered census scrubbing to correct and supplement census data obtained during quoting. Analysis of large quantities of census data lets the census scrubber learn to intelligently make decisions regarding missing and incorrect data. AI Census scrubbing and upload census also makes data available in a variety of formats and languages.

Auto-mapping and more

It offers a reusable auto-mapping of data elements and data values, allowing files from any format or content to be imported as-is. A multi-tab census import feature simplifies info gathering for users.

The platform also integrates with external systems to acquire lead, health, risk and wearable data scores. Predictive analytics and lead scores further prioritize quotes by the likelihood of actually closing a sale. Health, risk and wearable data are used to assist in underwriting and offer prices and discounts for both group and voluntary products.