Atelier des ventes et de la souscription

Global IQX is known for its’ Sales and Underwriting Workbench. It reinvents the process of creating and renewing clients’ group quotes by reducing the need for carrier intervention for standard quotes, automatically queuing renewals for both manual and automatic re-rating, auto-generating policy proposal packages seamlessly. This empowers you to create improved digital experiences for agents, underwriters and clients.

Streamline the underwriting process

This streamlines the underwriting process, reducing turn-around time and allowing underwriters to focus on underwriting decisions rather than gathering and deciphering data. Using an automated scheduler and in-depth business rules, the workbench identifies upcoming renewals, prepares renewal quotes based on current plan design and census information, assesses risks, and prepares renewal letters for customers – or forwards the renewal for further underwriting should the renewal be flagged. Optional API provides lead, health and risk scores.

These features make it easier for insurers to cross and up-sell individual and voluntary products resulting in increased sales.

IQX Platform screenshot showing the Workbench Dashboard