Group Benefits System’s New Release Helps Insurers Streamline Data Integration

Global IQX Version 4.8 optimizes new-business processing and underwriting

Ottawa, ON – June 14, 2017 – Global IQX has released a new application, the IQX Exchanger, plus a suite of new features and functionality that enhance new-business processing and underwriting for employee benefits insurers.

The leading insurance benefits software provider added these capabilities to Global IQX Version 4.8 to meet user demands for new levels of configurability. The IQX Exchanger lets system administrators easily configure web services with systems and data based on unique requirements. Users can now quickly and easily decide what, when, where, and with whom data will be shared.

“System administrators can set up and maintain a simple yet comprehensive and flexible API, integrating systems using JSON or XML to retrieve and store data across the organization,” said Cristian Marcov, Global IQX technical architect.

The IQX Exchanger lets carriers handle integration and system maintenance more easily.  Managing data flow is a growing priority for both IT and business users.

“Our clients now have a powerful tool to streamline data for integration with existing systems, portals, and insurance exchanges,” Marcov said.  “It also simplifies full-system imports, migrations and major upgrades.”

New Features Allow Customization

IQX Version 4.8 now includes a Resource Manager. It is a key part of a suite of modules that support quoting and rating, proposals, enrollment and automated renewals.

The Resource Manager allows users to edit drop-down lists found throughout the Global IQX system. This includes establishing default values, adding or deleting values and defining how they will appear on both web pages and on generated proposals. Rating and business-rule messages can now be searched, edited, saved and deleted.

A new Theme Manager has also been added to the configuration modules, enabling a custom look and feel of the application according to user preference for colors, images and objects.

“We’ve had many requests to add web services quickly to best-of-breed solutions and exchange sites. Giving insurers this capability will create synergies throughout various IT and business initiatives and allow for automation and integration,” said Global IQX CEO Michael de Waal.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients. These new features respond to the changing needs of the industry, and we have more under development that will expand the horizons of insurance technology.”

About Global IQX Inc.

Global IQX delivers a web-based, end-to-end software solution for insurance underwriting and sales automation for some of the world’s largest insurance companies. It provides quoting, rating, proposal generation, enrollment, and automated renewals for insurers that offer employee, group and ancillary benefits. The powerful quoting and rating engine, with smart features and a fully configurable suite of components, is a premier choice for carriers looking to improve efficiency across their entire organization.

Offered as a complete suite or as individual components, the Global IQX platform supports all lines of business across all market segments. Developed and delivered by a team with deep group insurance domain expertise, the fully configurable technology platform gives business users more control, with less dependence on IT resources. World-leading insurers trust Global IQX to power their business. For more information, please visit