Photo of Global IQX Founder Mike de Waal

IQX CEO Hits Top of the Leaderboard of InsurTech Influencers

This past weekend, Global IQX CEO Mike de Waal, hit number 14 on London’s 2017 Instech Power 100 list, a list that uses Klout to track the biggest influencers in the global insurtech space.

This isn’t surprising. With almost three thousand followers on twitter, a regular article on LinkedIn and an active company Facebook page, Mike is sharing the knowledge and experience that led his company’s sales and underwriting workbench to being the solution of choice for some of the world’s largest insurance companies.

“There is valuable information and insight online worth sharing and talking about , however, there is also a lot that isn’t. Connecting with knowledge leaders in fields of business or personal interest can get you the right in formation at the right time and act as a catalyst for change and growth,” said de Waal.

And while most of us have experienced the sensation of information overload, by following people you trust and doing regular maintenance on your social networks, information can turn from a sense of overload to empowerment.

In November of last year, Mike also made Onalytica’s top 100 list of insurtech influencers and brands. “Being an influencer means being aware of what trends are becoming sticky or disruptive in the marketplace. Not all of them will have an impact, but discovering them as they arise keeps us nimble and attuned to what technologies our clients will need next.”

Building trust and a reputation as an influencer doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, and a commitment to engaging with people every day, sometimes one tweet at a time.

Follow Mike on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or send him an email [email protected].