Our Employees Generously Support Food Banks and Hospital

Company matches donations

Global IQX employees wanted to give back to their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. They decided to support both the Ottawa Hospital and local food banks.

Food banks have become a crucial lifeline for people who have lost their jobs and income.

“Giving back to the community is a critical part of our company culture. We can only imagine how scary it would be to not know if you’ll have enough food,” said HR and Operations Director Fran Simpson.

The Ottawa Hospital is saving lives thanks to its dedicated staff.

“During the pandemic frontline medical workers need as much support as possible. They are doing amazing work keeping us safe. Our team wanted to give them a token of our thanks,” said Mike de Waal, Global IQX founder.

IQXer’s have donated more than $7,500 so far, with matching it is $15,000. The funds have been sent to the Oregon Food Bank, Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto, Ottawa Food Bank, and the Ottawa Hospital.