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Digitize, streamline and automate new-business and renewal processes for employee and voluntary benefits

The Global IQX platform is built with the needs and day-to-day tasks of the group benefits insurance industry in mind. The configurable components combines artificial intelligence with rule, content and rating engines to enable dynamic proposal and policy creation and automated renewals, among other key benefits that streamline processes, save time and cut costs. 

The highly configurable system meets custom business needs, delivers comprehensive quoting, rating, proposal generation, renewals, document management and provides seamless integration with other systems and applications that empower your team and maximize resources.

Built exclusively for the group benefits insurance industry, Global IQX is scalable and supports all product lines and case size segments ranging from individual voluntary worksite benefits to small group and beyond to national account size groups of 100,000 + employees with complex multi-division/class structures.

Additional productivity tools deliver everything you need to stay competitive, write more business faster, reduce errors, save time and enhance your customers’ experience. 

Explore some of the features that make Global IQX a leading choice for insurers worldwide

Sales and Underwriting Workbench

Global IQX is known for its’ Sales and Underwriting Workbench. It reinvents the process of creating and renewing clients’ group quotes by reducing the need for carrier intervention for standard quotes, automatically queuing renewals for both manual and automatic re-rating, auto-generating policy proposal packages seamlessly. This empowers you to create improved digital experiences for agents, underwriters and clients.

Whether your preferred approach is to start the RFP or quoting process in your CRM or in the IQX Workbench or a combination of both, data flows with API into the workbench driving workflow by directing desirable transactions for any issues, declining submissions, or forwarding the account for further underwriting. 

This streamlines underwriting process, reducing turn-around time and allowing underwriters to focus on underwriting decisions rather than gathering and deciphering data. Using an automated scheduler and in-depth business rules, the workbench identifies upcoming renewals, prepares renewal quotes based on current plan design and census information, assesses risks, and prepares renewal letters for customers – or forwards the renewal for further underwriting should the renewal be flagged. Optional API provides lead, health and risk scores.

These features make it easier for insurers to cross and up-sell individual and voluntary products resulting in increased sales.

Quoting and Rating Engines

Global IQX’s Quoting and Rating Engines takes you through the new business quoting process with consistency, speed and a full-picture view that will allow you to write more business in less time. 

The IQX Rating Engine performs complex calculations, manual or experience-rated, for all employee benefits products during both the sales process and at renewal. Business rule-driven in design, the rating engine easily incorporates the most complicated of algorithms to provide accurate rates of all products quoted in seconds. Dynamic web pages and SMART functionality guide sales and underwriting departments through the quoting lifecycle; contributing to fewer errors, less re-entry of data, higher conversion rates and lower distribution, maintenance, and support costs. Changes are configurable by business users.

Optional integration with your CRM allows agents, brokers and regional group offices to share valuable client details seamlessly and prevents re-keying data. Home and regional offices have a full view of all sales and services activities 24/7, as other participants can review/edit the quote. Configuration modules provide you with the flexibility to manage rates, formulas, business rules, proposals and documents on-demand.

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Dynamic Proposal 

Global IQX’s Proposal Management system allows users to quickly create dynamic proposals, illustrations, enrollment forms, renewal letters, reports and all the other documents you need to do business. 

Our configurable and editable templates ensure quotes reflect the look and feel of your brand while meeting product and regulatory requirements. The templates can also be edited directly within the proposal creation tool to support quote-specific requirements. 

Enrollment and Onboarding

Once the case is sold, begin the enrollment process with IQX Enrollment for a fully integrated customer experience or use our API to push data to your existing enrollment tool.

Driven by intelligent workflow features, the single-point data application seamlessly facilitates the onboarding process for both carriers and clients. Our API sends onboarding and enrollment data to the respective policy administration system. Our fully secure online employee self-service portal provides anytime access to clients and employees, with the ability to select extra worksite benefits for upselling capabilities as well as completing the enrollment process. Can include Risk, Health and Wearable fitness scores.

Individual Medical Underwriting 

Decision tree rules based underwriting including optional Risk, Health and Wearable scores to facilitate quick and easy responses from plan members . Applications are scored for automatic Jett Issue or reviewed for manual intervention. 

Broker and Employee Self Service Portals

Various permission-based portals are available. 

The IQX Broker Portal can automate quoting, proposal generation and enrollment processes to maximize service and control. The dynamic portal empowers agents with appropriate permissions for end-to-end sales cycle automation from lead generation to proposals. 

Customized views, branding and template plan designs allow agents and brokers to quote quickly and easily. Insurance companies can track, review, and modify quotes from their channels and view analytics for reporting on channel activity, pushing back data to a CRM tool if used. The results are efficiency, decreased costs, improved service and increased revenues.

Insurance companies can track, review, and modify quotes from their channels and receive view analytics for reporting on channel activity and push data back to their CRM tool if used. The results are efficiency, decreased costs, improved service and increased revenues, all in real-time.

The Employee Self-service Portal allows individuals to select top-up or worksite voluntary plan coverage. API can also show various health, risk and wearable scores to offer rating factors. 

AI-Powered Census Scrubbing and Predictive Analytics

Global IQX is continuously investing in changes to the platform based on the latest research, implementing new artificial intelligence and technology to best serve insurers with new capabilities and automation. 

The Global IQX Platform uses AI-powered census scrubbing to correct and supplement census data obtained during the RFP process. Analysis of large quantities of census data lets the census scrubber learn to intelligently make decisions regarding missing and incorrect data. AI Census scrubbing and upload census also makes data available in a variety of formats and languages.

It offers a reusable auto-mapping of data elements and data values, allowing files from any format or content to be imported as-is. A multi-tab census import feature simplifies info gathering for users.

The platform also integrates with external systems to acquire lead, health, risk and wearable data scores. Predictive analytics and lead scores further prioritize quotes by the likelihood of actually closing a sale. Health, risk and wearable data are used to assist in underwriting and offer prices and discounts for both group and voluntary products.

IQX Analytics measure and analyze sales and service metrics to help you develop effective strategies and improve sales performance with real-time data.

Robust Integration Capabilities 

Additional functionality comes in the form of Global IQX’s integration tools that enhance productivity with flexibility, scalability and connectivity. 

The Global IQX API pushes/pulls and schedules data through real-time or batch processing for CRM, PAS, claims and payroll. APIs are easily configurable for new and custom-built applications using REST/SOAP standards. The Global IQX API also supports integration into third-party vendor systems including various CRMs, claims and admin systems, risk scores and health scores.

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