Global IQX is a digital employee benefits platform for group insurance and voluntary benefits. The IQX platform and its components are the foundation for true digital transformation.

Known for its sales and underwriting workbench that streamline the new business and renewal processes for true group, experience rating for groups of all sizes from weeks to minutes.

Global IQX provides configurable out-of-the-box components for quoting, rating, proposal and document generation, enrollment and both manual and automated renewals. The components can leverage API into existing solutions, SalesForce, claims, policy admin promoting straight-through-processing across business groups


Measure and analyze sales and service metrics with IQX Analytics to develop strategies and improve sales performance. This query tool enables administrators to retrieve Year-to-Date and Rolling-12-Month sales performance reports based on group size, premiums, distribution/sales channel, and underwriting channel.

IQX Analytics allow managers to:

  • Monitor trends in Close Ratio and Decline Ratio
  • Monitor the use of underwriting and sales adjustments
  • Watch real-time statistics of the Top-Ten producers
  • Watch real-time statistics of quote by status
  • Monitor trends in final disposition and decline reasons

Report templates can be preconfigured with selection criteria for extraction and defined for personal re-use only, or to be shared among the IQX platform. These reports are not limited to sold cases, but give the carrier a true representation of all quoting activity.

Analytics3By aligning quote list management with internal and external sales and service channels, carriers receive first-hand knowledge of quotes requested verses quotes sold, and are able to identify top performers.  As a result, marketing decisions are improved by identifying market trends based on quoting history, and distribution effectiveness is enhanced through the tracking of producer activity.

Ad Hoc reporting provides access to real-time extracts of quoting data elements based on user-defined criteria.  It uses the same robust search criteria as IQX Workflow searches, and returns the search results in an MS Excel format where you can analyze the data using spreadsheet functionality such a grouping, consolation, pivot table, sub-totals and grand totals.


  • Generate daily, weekly, monthly and real-time sales pipeline reports
  • Export in Excel or PDF format
  • Assign qualified leads to sales representatives
  • Track progress of every lead from generation to enrollment
  • Reduce the number of dropped or lost leads by providing real-time alerts for incomplete or declined quotes
  • Access external query tools to data mine and report externally from the IQX Platform
  • Integrate with Salesforce CRM

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