Global IQX is a digital employee benefits platform for group insurance and voluntary benefits. The IQX platform and its components are the foundation for true digital transformation.

Known for its sales and underwriting workbench that streamline the new business and renewal processes for true group, experience rating for groups of all sizes from weeks to minutes.

Global IQX provides configurable out-of-the-box components for quoting, rating, proposal and document generation, enrollment and both manual and automated renewals. The components can leverage API into existing solutions, SalesForce, claims, policy admin promoting straight-through-processing across business groups

Individual Medical Underwriting

This innovative application automates underwriting for individuals and group plan members. Powered by the IQX Rating and Rules Engines, medical enrollment forms and questionnaires are completed online and submitted to underwriters for approval or assessment.

AUR3Based on the information provided by the plan members, the rules engine instantly requests additional information based on medical conditions, removing the need for clarification often required with manual form submissions.

IQX Individual Medical Underwriting drives workflow by directing desirable transactions for jet issue, declining submissions, or forwarding the account for further underwriting.  This streamlines the enrollment and underwriting process, reducing turn-around time and allowing underwriters to focus on underwriting decisions rather than gathering and deciphering manual forms.


  • Streamline underwriting for individuals and group members
  • Dashboards enhance workflow and provide a quick view of workloads
  • Integrates with IQX Enrollment for seamless on-boarding
  • Automatically send jet issue renewals to your sales team
  • Rule-based Automated Underwriting reduces redundant data-entry and risk of error
  • Utilize the IQX Service Gate to integrate with Policy Administration systems
  • Reduce underwriting cycle times and lower operational costs

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