Global IQX is a digital employee benefits platform for group insurance and voluntary benefits. The IQX platform and its components are the foundation for true digital transformation.

Known for its sales and underwriting workbench that streamline the new business and renewal processes for true group, experience rating for groups of all sizes from weeks to minutes.

Global IQX provides configurable out-of-the-box components for quoting, rating, proposal and document generation, enrollment and both manual and automated renewals. The components can leverage API into existing solutions, SalesForce, claims, policy admin promoting straight-through-processing across business groups

Policy Document Creator

The IQX Policy Documents Creator is flexibly designed to give business users full creative control. Auto-generated cover pages and tables of contents meet standard formatting practices as policies are created and transformed into professional employee booklets, summary plan descriptions, and certificates of coverage in moments.

This component provides you with the configurable templates without formatting or data entry. Flexible WYSISWYG editors give users with the tools to create simple or complex documents, streamlining policy document issue by tightly integrating with the IQX Sales and Underwriting Workbench for professional, consistent policies and documents.

Like all IQX components, the Policy Documents Creator can be integrated with the IQX platform or used on a standalone basis, tying in seamlessly with the workbench or existing systems. PDC supports multiple languages, including French, Spanish and English.

Key Benefits

  • Business users configure and maintain policy templates
  • Create and manage policy amendments
  • Generate a new policy for specific instance adjustments
  • Considerations web-pages support flexibility
  • Create policy booklets, certificates or other documents using easy-to-use templates
  • Role-based features with security checks and measures
  • Integrate with IQX components and across multiple systems

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Global IQX Solution Summary, Understanding the Platform

We want to make it easier for our brokers and agents to do business with The Principal. We choose to partner with Global IQX because they offered us a proven cost-effective method of streamlining the insurance quoting and enrollment process.

Charles Weisbecker

Vice President of Relationship, Principal Financial Group