Global IQX is a digital employee benefits platform for group insurance and voluntary benefits. The IQX platform and its components are the foundation for true digital transformation.

Known for its sales and underwriting workbench that streamline the new business and renewal processes for true group, experience rating for groups of all sizes from weeks to minutes.

Global IQX provides configurable out-of-the-box components for quoting, rating, proposal and document generation, enrollment and both manual and automated renewals. The components can leverage API into existing solutions, SalesForce, claims, policy admin promoting straight-through-processing across business groups

Proposal Document Manager

Proposal and Document Management (PDM) supports users across the IQX platform with all the key documents required for quoting, rating, proposals, enrollment, renewals and reporting. Editable templates ensure quotes and letters are compliant with the look and feel of product, regulatory requirements, and your organizations brand. Proposal

Assemble multiple products with alternate options for multiple classes and generate the proposal, enrollment forms, or renewal packages dynamically. During the rating process underwriters benefit from valuable rate analysis outputs, providing insight into complex rate structures.

Proposal templates can be edited directly within the proposal creation tool to support quote-specific requirements without impacting the master templates. Or, manage document templates within the IQX Proposal Manager for added control and configurability.

Once your client has been presented with the professional proposal, begin the enrollment process with IQX Enrollment for a fully integrated customer experience or use web services to push data to your existing enrollment tool.


  • Multiple output formats available including PDF, Excel and HTML
  • Edits quote-specific versions of the proposal template on-the-fly for SMART one-time modifications
  • Configure your own templates for a custom look and feel
  • Integrate with high-volume print, archival and retrieval systems
  • Commentary tracks amendments and version notes
  • Select from pre-set standard legal text or include specific deviation language based on Client needs

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