Configuration Modules

The IQX Configuration Modules equip you with the ability to create and modify IQX Workbench components for control and flexibility. Changes are reflected across the platform in real-time or can be set for future effective dates. Update business rules, rating formulae, proposal and document templates and reports for full platform configurability.

Channel Manager

Channel Manager is a central directory where permissions are managed for users, offices and agencies across IQX components. It offers the ability to handle the entitlement of users including producers, brokers, and advisors as well as sales representatives and managers. Roles are designated to specific features and functionality allowing business users to operate independently from IT.

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Business Rules Manager

Business Rule Management (BRM) is a recognized best practice for businesses that operate in environments where products, policies, and regulations are complex and fast changing. Global IQX® technology affords carriers with the option to maintain and administer their own business rules, thereby reducing ongoing maintenance costs and improving time to results in changing market conditions.

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Rate Manager

IQX Rate Manager allows Underwriters, Product Managers and Actuaries to make rate changes without relying on IT resources. Carriers update rates instantly and automate the introduction of monthly or quarterly updates generated by the IQX Rating Engine.

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Formula Manager

Formulae change over time, and the IQX Formula Manager enables you to add new and modify existing rate formulae. The user interface supports the import of new formulae using IQX Import/Export where changes are reflected real-time or controlled by an effective date.

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Proposal Manager

The IQX Proposal Manager equips you with the tools required to make immediate adjustments to the master templates for all proposals and documents within the IQX Workbench.

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Document Creation Manager

The IQX Document Creation Manager supports the images, XMLs and attachments needed to generate policy-centric documents. Parallel processing power allows for expedited…

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