The production-proven Global IQX API pushes/pulls and schedules data through real-time or batch processing for CRM, PAS, claims and payroll. API’s are easily configurable for new and custom built applications using REST/SOAP standards. The Global IQX API also supports integration into third-party vendor systems including:

  • Vitech
  • Fineos
  • ClaimVantage
  • Genelco
  • Concentrix


The IQX Exchangers are a suite of preconfigured integration modules for CRM, PAS, claims, payroll and archive that enable streamline and automation of your business process across heterogeneous systems. The modules also simplify full-system imports, migrations and major upgrades by managing data flow for both IT and business users.

  • CRM Exchanger (Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics)
  • PAS Exchanger
  • Claims Exchanger
  • Payroll Exchanger
  • Archive Exchanger
  • Third-party systems

Web Service Gate

The IQX Web Service Gate (WSG) is an application used for routing and/or dispatching cloud web-service calls to systems deployed on customer internal network (on-premise).

Companies can integrate public clouds with their own private clouds without moving the application into a public cloud, reducing public exposure of data and simplifying and increasing data protection.

WSG operates on the seventh layer of the open systems interconnection model (OSI), using customer specific business logic to perform web-service calls routing and/or dispatching.