Broker Portal

A rules-based Broker Portal, this IQX application automates quoting, proposal generation and the enrollment processes to maximize service and control, empowering agents with appropriate permissions for end-to-end sales cycle automation from lead generation to proposals. It can provide customized views and branding for agents and brokers based on plan elements in an easy to understand format. Template plan designs simplify benefit definitions and improve efficiency for brokers.

Insurance companies can track, review, and modify quotes from their channels and receive view analytics for reporting on channel activity and push data back to their CRM tool if used. The results are efficiency, decreased costs, improved service and increased revenues, all in real-time.


IQX Import/Export and IQX Census Link are a data import and export tools designed to accelerate the exchange of data across the Global IQX components and configuration modules. It`s most beneficial use is for importing census information to avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. These features also support importing Business Rules, rating tables and formulae, proposal templates, and new files.

Import allows information to be imported directly from a variety of sources and file layouts. IQX Export facilitates data extractions into a common data file to be used outside of the IQX system. The ability to extract data on demand and in convenient formats enhances the value of that information for the client.

IQX Import/Export is also used for upload of census rates, premiums, claims history and renewal processing.

IQX Engines

BRMS Engine

This engine is where business rules are generated in accordance with your organization’s standards and appropriate authorization levels. An authority-driven rules language, with audit capabilities for rule approval history, creates intelligent workflow and automates business compliance while maintaining valuable rules knowledge within the system itself.

Business rules ensure quotes are processed effectively and can be adjusted as industry regulations fluctuate. Underwriting decisions are automated for cases requiring jet issue or manual assessment, reducing time spent reviewing cases and eliminating the risk of manual error.

Business rules are configured within the IQX Business Rules Manager where users are able to create new and update existing business rules to reflect changing business environments. With the IQX Business Rules Engine and Manager operating rule sets and navigating authority levels, compliance across your organization is assured.

Rating Engine

The robust IQX Rating Engine supports multi-product rating in parallel streams to meet complex quoting needs. The engine easily calculates complex multiple rating instances for immediate rate request fulfillment, supporting high calculation demands during peak times.

Large, multi-class census supported 300K + (Present rates for alternate plans, divisions, classes, and flex choice). Utilized in Quoting and Rating, the rating engine calculations seamlessly power IQX Enrollment and AUR components as well.

The formula language behind the IQX Rating Engine was developed by IQX specifically to support our platform and to meet the needs of all insurances carriers, lines of business and insurance products.

Content Engine

The IQX Content Engine supports a variety material generated throughout the quoting life-cycle. Proposals, marketing materials, reporting and renewal packages are created and formatted in the Proposal Manager for deployment across the solution in PDF, Excel and HTML outputs.

Configure and customize documents in the proposal template editor, or change instances on the fly from right within the components. In-house technology can be leveraged by running multiple content engines at once enhancing the ability to fulfill several requests at once.