Experience The Benefits

Discover the IQX Platform and experience the benefits of a fully customizable sales and underwriting workbench built exclusively for the group benefits insurance industry. Global IQX®Technology is scalable and supports all product lines across customer segments from small business to large enterprises with complex multi-division/class groups. The smart library and census link enables seamless data import/export in a variety of different formats and multilingual capabilities.

The IQX Solution

The IQX Enterprise Solution platform is proven, secure, uses Business Rule Management, manages workflow and connects seamlessly with existing systems and applications. It offers power and flexibility with a complete range of components and configuration modules that are customizable for complex and unique business needs. Additional productivity tools deliver everything you need to stay competitive write more business faster and enhance customer experience. Read more…

Platform Features

IQX Rating, Rules and Content Engines, the power behind the IQX Workbench, drive quoting, rating, proposal and document generation, enrollment and automated renewals. IQX Workflow is supported by a multilevel, role-based application that allows a hierarchy of of users to obtain instant access to, and a 360 degree view of, all sales and service activity within it’s respective channels. It includes a secure HTML interface with view, verification, edit and print functionality, and download and upload capabilities.

IQX Import/Export is a powerful tool designed to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of data into and out of the Global IQX components and configuration modules. IQX Import/Export is also used for uploading rate, premium, claims and census history for new business quoting and renewal processing. A Smart Census Scrubber auto-corrects missing or erroneous values during census import. Census data is logically assessed and information is fixed on the spot for accurate rates without manual intervention.

Broker Portals are important technology to consider in digital transformation, often dramatically improving an agents ability to quote new business and retain clients. Read more..

Integration Tools

Additional power comes in the form of integration tools that enhance productivity with flexibility, scalability and connectivity. The Global IQX API pushes/pulls and schedules data through real-time and batch processing, supporting integration across systems.

The IQX Exchangers are preconfigured integration modules for CRM, PAS, claims, payroll, archive and third-parties. Further system connectivity is available with the IQX Web Service Gate for a secure way to share data across systems Read more…